Alternative Pest Management was founded at the beginning of the new millennium because of the public outcry for a pest control company to offer services not totally dependant on toxic chemical use.

Each prescription program is unique to each client’s specific needs with focus on low impact applications and minor structural repairs as our main focus.

However, the judicious use of conventional pesticides may be necessary to protect the health and property of the client.

Alternative’s staff has over 32 years of experience in the pest control wildlife industry.

Our Technical Director is a wildlife biologist who received his degree from Kansas State University and is an active part in all wildlife programs.

APM also has a natural herb and oil specialist with years of experience in revolutionary concepts and treatment methods, which utilize natural applications as an alternative to pesticide usage.

APM is the only known company of its kind in the Midwest which offers this intense scope of consideration.

APM also has a member who has been influential in developing and presenting Integrated Pest Management programs to numerous Fortune 500 companies, as well as small business, regionally and nationally.



To provide a service unmatched by the competition utilizing alternative forms of treatment, as well as low chemical reliance applications with concern to the environment and public health as our main objective.